Underground Dewatering

Mining and Energy / Underground Dewatering

The mandate:
Implement a system that could deliver 400 US gpm at a manometric head of 350 metres to dewater a mine ramp, with water containing almost 20% solids.

Pumpaction’s added value:
The suggestion of Pumpaction’s engineer to use a Dolphin™ series of three pumps was right on target: in addition to meeting the customer’s requirements and handling the constraints of the application, it reduced the customer’s maintenance costs from $25,000 every three weeks to $9,000 every six months. The Pumpaction team handled equipment installation and start-up, in addition to providing a multi-stage Octopus™ system as an emergency back-up system for the Dolphin. 
    Location: Matheson, ON

    Customer: Primero Gold