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Welcome to the Pumpaction family, a company that focuses on innovation and performance, where every member of the team works hard to make a difference. As the undisputed leader in pumping and concreting systems, we offer a full range of services and products, and channel all of our expertise into delivering the best solutions, one project at a time.

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  • “The accomplishment I’m proudest of is maintaining the feel of a family business while taking challenges on an international scale.”
    Francis Gagnier, President
    Pumpaction Inc.
  • “At Pumpaction, our corporate culture gives employees a central role in decision-making.”
    Karine Harvey, Human Resources Director
    Pumpaction Inc.
  • “At Pumpaction, personalized service is more than just talk. It’s real and it happens every day.”
    Daniel Desjardins, Customer Service Representative
    Pumpaction Inc.