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Our expertise at your service

Whether for pumping slurry, viscous fluids or fluids containing a high density of solids, wastewater, sludge or corrosive products, dosing, dewatering or transferring water, at Pumpaction, we have a full range of high-quality products that meet all your requirements for industrial projects.

With technical support from our field team of experts, you will receive a detailed analysis of the problem as well as the ideal pumping solution that will reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Our Offer

Solutions for industry

We use innovative ideas to design systems that reflect your needs, focusing on optimizing processes and operations.

Solutions for engineers

We put together bids with prices that take into account your budget. We offer support for selecting products, with full technical specifications, and we ensure your requirements are met.

Solutions for maintenance departments

We offer equipment installation and start-up, combined with technical support that is second to none. You can also count on our maintenance and repair service, whether in our workshop or at your site.

Testimonials / What people have to say

  • “We are like a beehive: everyone has a role to play, and it’s team unity that makes it all work.”
    André Bacon , Supply Chain and Processes Director
    Pumpaction Inc.
  • “A structure like ours, based on team work, offers us the flexibility to work with the tightest budgets when circumstances require it.”
    Bruno Carangelo , Sales and Marketing Director
    Pumpaction Inc.
  • “One of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt to all sorts of requests from customers.”
    Karine Carle , Sales Representative, Municipal and Industrial
    Pumpaction Inc.