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Technician(Displayed since: depuis: 2/25/2020)

Performs repairs, maintenance and commissioning for new and leased pumps and pump control panels

Principal duties

• Commissions pumps, pump control panels and other machines on site according to manufacturer’s instructions
• Does electrical, hydraulic and mechanical repair work at customer sites or in the workshop following a service call (according to manufacturer’s instructions)
• Helps the manager responsible for external service develop a preventive maintenance program for our products to offer customers
• Drafts service reports and sends them to customers
• Evaluates the repair to be done at the customer site or in the workshop
• Provides training on the product purchased
• Drafts reports of visits after a repair or a visit to the customer
• Creates a bid when the technician is at the customer’s to provide an estimate for the repair, maintenance and parts
• Creates a list of parts for a customer order
• Answers phone calls with technical questions about pumps
• Follows up on warranties in the event of a problem
• Follows up on repairs
• Makes the repairs required for the proper functioning of concrete pumps on trailers and trucks as well as any other related equipment distributed by Pompaction
• Acts as a technical contact for certain accounts that use products that require the support of a qualified technician

Skills profile

• You have experience in hydraulics, electricity and mechanics
• You have good judgement, are responsible, have a sense of urgency and respect for safety
• You are comfortable with Microsoft Office and an ERP system
• You are bilingual
• You have a valid passport
• You have a valid driver’s licence


• College diploma in industrial maintenance
• Vocational diploma in electromechanics and a C licence